Your All-in-One Research Hub

We provide the reach, the depth and the 24/7 coverage for the success of for your projects'.
Power your healthcare research with our unique network of selected professionals.

Hub of Recruiters & Moderators

For your Qualitative Research

We personally select, interview and approve all professional researchers who are integrated into the Hub.

Context is everything in research.  We position teams in the locality, allowing us access to the knowledge and understanding of the social, economic, and political context of the country. This gives us understanding of how this could impact on your project.

When recruiting, it is our flexibility and our out of the box thinking that make us unique.
Healthcare Research Hub is a proud member of the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association.

Hub of Databases & Affiliates

For your Fieldwork

We have built our European, North American and Latin-American databases over many years.

Combine these with our local recruiters, expert in their field - and we can promise you increased international reach and feasibility.

All in your one Hub.

Hub of Programmers

For your Quantitative Research

Our scripters have all the necessary skills to fulfil the requirements of your project.

Distinct within the Hub, our scripters can use several programming platforms (such as Decipher and Confirmit) based on the needs of your questionnaire structure and complexity.
Max diff, conjoint as well as interactives tools, such as heat map, eyes tracking, amongst others, are all available from our library.

Choose our full-service package: you get tabulations, coding and translations as standard.
We combine our global approach to fieldwork with our local know-how. We have a depth of knowledge about medical regulations, healthcare protocols, liabilities and processes.

Fieldwork Management

Certified project manager

Essential to successful fieldwork are logistics, and fine-detail planning. By using local recruiters, moderators and coordinators, we have a full knowledge of the country in question.  This understanding of the social, political and economic context can make our planning and logistics superior.

Our project management team is supervised by our certified Project Director (PMP).

The Project Director is directly involved in the day to day running of all studies, serving as your point of contact on all live projects.

About The Hub

Where it all started

The concept of “The Hub” first came to our mind in 2010 while setting up the network of recruiters in South America. 

One of the founding members, Pierre, built the Latin-American team by directly selecting the moderators and recruiters while living in Argentina.

In 2015, "The Hub" established in the UK and expended the European network of trusted  reliable fieldwork researchers. 


Connecting resources for the Healthcare Research Industry

Project management
Our operations team is multilingual and based in different time zones, providing you with seamless 24-hour coverage.
Client's list recruitment
We can run a survey online or over the phone. We can customise using a specific list of contacts you provide.
We can translate all documents required for any methodologies and analysis.
Survey Programming
Our programming team can use Decipher and Confirmit proficiently.
Survey Recruitment
The Hub's and our affiliates rigorously adhere to the MRS code of conduct, ESOMAR, PMI and Ephmra guidelines.
Worldwide Reach
We have local presence and reach troughs our affiliates, helping your project succeed.

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