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Fieldwork Management

We have a robust track record and proven expertise in delivering successful healthcare projects. From quantitative to qualitative, from online to offline, we cover them all with the same drive and energy to best serve your research objectives. We believe in total transparency across all the aspects of our work and in creating an environment that is conducive to excellence. The team and our affiliates rigorously adhere to the MRS code of conduct, ESOMAR, PMI and Ephmra guidelines.

Our Project Manager hold the Project Management Certificate (PMP).
Our operations team is multilingual and based in different time zones, this allows us to provide you with a seamless 24-hour coverage while preserving your budget.
This is particularly advantageous when executing large multi-country studies but also a clear asset when facing short turnaround tasks or projects.

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We have our own Risks Assessment process in place to make sure your research is delivered on time and within the specifications required. We can implement a qualitative recruitment during a quantitative fieldwork project if we estimate one methodology only would fall short. This type of actions are always part of our risks assessment plan and they are implemented at no extra cost for the client.
Qualitative Project
Custom Recruitment
Telephone Guided Interview
Focus Group
Briefing & Discussion Guide translation
Audio or Video recording
Quantitative Projects
Online Panel Access
Online & Custom recruitments
Survey Programming
Questionnaire Translation
Survey QualityAssurance
Fieldwork & Monitoring
Survey Data Processing
Project Planning
Understanding the client requirements
Writing the project plan
Risks assessment
Briefing the project team
Confirming the project deliverables
Project Execution
Monitoring the progress as per plan
Project Quality Assurance
Risks Monitoring
Data delivery quality check

Project closure
Project team debrief
Cost confirmation

We have our own platform where our projects details are uploaded. From the portal, the user can check the project plan and project schedule and the progress status. Authorized user on a project can also check the project budget and the cost incurred.

The portal allows to have everyone in the team on the same page on any change in the project.


Connecting resources for the Healthcare Research Industry

Project management
Our operations team is multilingual and based in different time zones, providing you with seamless 24-hour coverage.
Client's list recruitment
We can run a survey online or over the phone. We can customise using a specific list of contacts you provide.
We can translate all documents required for any methodologies and analysis.
Survey Programming
Our programming team can use Decipher and Confirmit proficiently.
Survey Recruitment
The Hub's and our affiliates, rigorously adhere to the MRS code of conduct, ESOMAR, PMI and Ephmra guidelines.
Worldwide Reach
We have local presence and reach troughs our affiliates, helping your project succeed.

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